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Peanut Butter Processing Technology

Author : zzpulisen Date : 3/17/2014 10:32:56 AM

Peanut Butter Flavor Food Processing Technology


1.Raw material selection.
Peanut Butter Selected full grain, kernel color white, normal peanut flavor, which is removed impurities and mildew, insects and immature particles.

2.Put the peannut into boiling water for blanching about 5 minutes, then pick up it quickly and placed in cold water cooling, so easy to film. Blanching time should be not too long, so as to avoid peanut thermal expansion together with the film, can not can not break peanut kernel away film.

3.Remove membrane gently by hand and clean it with flow water.

4.Beating and micro-grinding.
Peanut Butter Will be labeled as coarse peanut paste with a beater, and then ground into a fine slurry through the colloid mill. use a beater made the peanut kernel into coarse paste,then ground into a fine slurry through the colloid mill.

5. Modulation.
Peanut slurry 30 kg, sucrose (sugar) 35 kg, agar 250g. Made the sucrose to 70% concentrated sugar liquid, use a litte hot water made the agar melting and expansion evenly. Then place all the material ingredients in the steel ingredients barrel to reconcile evenly. In order to increase the stability of products, using agar as stabilizer.
Peanut Butter
Put deployment of good material liquid in homogenizer machine with pressure of 40 mpa, made the granule in slurry more exquisite, beneficial to product quality and flavor stability.

7. Concentration and bactericidal
 In order to maintain the nutrients and flavor of products, using low temperature vacuum concentration, concentration conditions for the 60 - 70 ℃ ,0.08 - 0 .09 MPa to concentrated slurry of soluble solids content of 62% - 65% suitable. When the concentration to achieve the above requirements, close vacuum pumps, remove vacuum, heated butter to 95 ℃ quickly, for 50 seconds sterilization, then immediately into the canned process.
8.Canned and sterilization.
Sterilization with boiling water or steam to Spin glass bottles and bottle caps, maintain the sauce over the temperature at 85 ℃ bottling, and leave a little gap, by vacuum sealing machine cover seal. Sealing and placed in boiling water at pressure to carry out sterilization for 10 minutes, and then progressively cooled wiht water to around 37 ℃, made the outside of tank dry or be finished.
Peanut Butter
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