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Tea packaging machine

Tea packaging machine
Product name : Tea packaging machine
Item : 85
Price : Tea packaging machine
Details :
Tea packing machine, Tea packaging machine

(We can customized the capacity of filling as per customer's requirements)

Technical parameters:

1. Power supply: 220V - 230V, 50HZ
2. Power: 15W
3. The weight of the partial packing: 1-500g(adjustable)
4. The precision of packing: 99.9% (depending on the different material)
5. Packing speed: 30-50times/min (depending on the different material and packing weight)
6. Dimension: 450 * 460 * 800 (mm)
7. Weight: 25KG


This tea packing machine applicable to such as: tea, seed, grain, medicine, small parts, and so on. rock tea,
green tea, tieguanyin, medicine, food, chemical industries. It is a fully automated machinery and equipment.


1. By microcomputer intelligent control make the packing more accurate,rapid and packing process Fully automated.

2. Parts contact with material using stainless steel material is not polluted materials.

3. Double damping structure mechanical smooth operation low noise.

4. Small size, light weight.

5. Lowest power to save energy.

6. Material not squeeze and damage material, Especially for fragile food partial package.

Use, maintenance and installation:

1. You must turn the machine by shaking the handle before driving, check whether the rotation has a problem,
really ascertain the normal before driving.

2. When adjust the machine, the tools shoule be proper, it is forbidden to use big tools or too hard to split a part 
avoid damage parts or affect machine performance.

3. After the machine is adjusted, must be tight the loose screw, turn the machine by handle to check the action if
in accordance with the requirements, if ok, and then to start the machine.

4. The machine must be kept clean, machine oil, liquid medicine is not allowed or glass scraps, to avoid cause 
machine damage of corrosion.

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